Analyze the Entire Dataset

This page is intended for whole-dataset analysis of the {datasetName} dataset. The iModulon table below describes all iModulons in the {datasetName} dataset. Click each row to be redirected to each iModulon's page.

Below, iModulonDB can identify all correlations between:

  1. the activities of iModulon pairs. Correlated pairs can be used to infer shared biological functions of iModulons and their associated genes. For each pair, the phase-plane, gene-sharing venn diagram, and gene-weights are displayed.
  2. an iModulon and its assigned gene regulator. Correlations can reveal the strength of regulatory mechanisms. For each pair, the iModulon activity is plotted against the gene experssion of its known regulator, and the gene-sharing venn diagram is displayed.
  3. an unregulated iModulon and all known gene regulators. Correlations between known regulators and unregulated iModulons can reveal new regulatory mechanisms. If no correlations are found, the iModulon itself may contain a previously unknown regulator.
All experimental conditions that reflect perturbations to the iModulon's regulator, to a gene in the iModulon, or to a regulator of a gene in the iModulon are not included in the calculation of the correlation coefficients of iModulon phase-planes or iModulon-Regulator Expression plots. To access these analyses, follow the instructions below.

Select an R2 threshold

Let iModulonDB analyze the {datasetName} dataset for you.

  • Step 1: select an R2 threshold between 0.16 and 1.0
  • Step 2: click the "Analyze" button to find correlated pairs of iModulons (left) or regulator-iModulon pairs (right).
  • Step 3: mouse over each datapoint to view its associated metadata.